Derby entry comments for Derby #262: Gold


Better if it was at the back of the shirt.


You can see this one better but i reckon the darker one would print awesome gmv


Be nice. Go for the good ending.


I couldn’t play it any other way.


You said it much better than I could have. This is brilliant.


This one’s gonna rise. I can feel it in me bones, yar.


I’m gonna agree here. It’s not “chibi”. It’s “cute” and that’s how we do it in America! cue fireworks and jet planes


Fantastic! I’d wear the hell out of this shirt and then give it a foot massage.


What am I looking at here?


Someone likes to walk the razor’s edge.


Many thanks guys! , appreciate your comments, thanks all for your support voting. Cheers! (o;


Top design work with a fun sense of scale.


Impressive details and ambitious design.


Love it! The cranberry works great too! Thank you! Hope I get to buy one!


Well done and a neat concept…although I wonder how the placement will work out for the women’s prints…


Not that this will go far but you could have at least put an inverted triangle where the label is and tried to pass it off as Nintendo World Championships. No one is going to believe this isn’t a zelda reference otherwise.


Don’t disrespect the G-man.


Super lame.


Learning to draw with this antiquated photoshop program is still vexing me…however I discovered that the gold transferred into my color chart. Cool.


This is spectacular. Nicely done!