Derby entry comments for Derby #262: Gold


Six colors on black. Have a great week everyone! :slight_smile:


I don’t think the Kindergarden test is wholy appropriate, with things like F This and Your Idea’s Suck printing, but I do think this one is close to the line. Will probably come down to how many Tattles it gets.


I’ve had a rough couple of days and really needed the laugh when I saw this! Thank-you!


I feel like this falls under the No Mario rule. I like it though.


It’s well done, but I would say definitely falls under the no Mario rule.




I lol’d, too. :slight_smile:


Isn’t this a Mario reference?


beautiful! I’d love to add it to my phoenix shirt collection!


Yeap, Mario…


It’s funny, but I already bought this shirt once.


Aha! So that is what’s inside! Makes perfect sense. +1




Sometimes you strike gold… and sometimes you dig up pyrite. I was a nerdy kid with a rock collection, so this derby theme automatically made me think of pyrite - otherwise known as fools gold. 6 colors on baby blue. Enjoy.


3 colours on black, and obviously the lion is shiny golden :slight_smile:


Golden egg spin though, different…


Pretty sure this is outside the design area for woot shirts.


Those are some mighty pinchable kitty cheeks! -pinch pinch-


Golden Sign.


They style of the star is similar to what we see for mario star designs, but it’s also been used a lot of other places. The question really comes down to the shape of the eyes.

I tend to be one of the harder “this is pop” people, and I let it side, but if you think it’s too close, feel free to tattle.

ARTIST: consider resubbing with ROUND eyes instead of slit eyes.