Derby entry comments for Derby #263: England

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Anybody else having problems posting a comment from their comp page?

yup. :confused:

Trying to describe my design on my Comp page, and it keeps asking me to re-log in…

yeah, same…

yeah, comments aren’t taking.

I also got an “index out of array” Error pop-up when voting, then noticed this on a different shirt:

[English Muffin:

Rads, the blueberries are creating false eyes for this, making the face look skewed.

Hmmm… I was a little concerned about that. I may rework it on my lunch break.

Thanks for the heads up, j5!

Same here.

Argh, I can’t post either the regular way. I keep getting asked to log in again also.

I was going to post this same thing about the English Muffin. I love it, but it does look like he’s frowning and glancing off to his right.

I re-submitted with a less leprous muffin. Hopefully this is better!

Same for me still…I can’t comment on anyone’s designs specifically :confused:

Well, I’ll add my gripe here since it keeps asking me to re-log in under the shirt proper.

The Stig shirt is pretty cool, but the “African” stig kills it. Bushmen, really? It’s not even that it’s an offensive stereotype, it’s just LAME.

This is more than a just a little frustrating now.

I was going to add the following comment to my design to prevent it from being rejected, but no go.

Woot gods - please un-reject my Watership Down entry.

Watership Down is a LOCATION in England - I have been there - this should not have been rejected. I even included in the sign “at Watership Down” to prevent rejection.

See: Wikipedia


Since there is alot of detail in my sub I wanted to post a link to the full size.

I’ll put it here for now until the site allows posting on the comp pages…

Why can’t you run the stig shirt? Top Gear is the best shows on tv and it’s British!

I think that may have been why you were rejected. They tagged it “Cannot run as is” not “Off Topic”. Typically the rejection you got means “Good design, but there’s a minor copyright issue.”

I just got a note from the rejectionator, saying that it should not have been rejected - they did not know it was a location name. They told me to resubmit it, and it wouldn’t be rejected this time.

And STIG is a copyrighted character.