Derby entry comments for Derby #264: Your Third and Final Wish


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My wish is to ride on top of Curiosity and see all the sites on Mars!


First a princess, then a fairy, but deep down I think we all want the same thing.


Wishes never turn out the way you hope they will!


My first cat shirt. A big moment for any shirt designer. Hope you like it.


Girls only like you if you have good skills… So naturally I wished for a good skill…

There are like a butt-load of gangs here on Woot. This one gang really wanted me to join cause now I’m pretty good with a bo staff.


For my Serenity die-hard friends, who still pray for another season with a bit role.


So you want 3 wishes? There’s an app for that. And sure, after health and wealth, you may as well wish for something altruistic. Just watch your spelling…


My first collaboration with my son, who blurted this out as 2 a.m.

See this for a reference.


Always use your wish to get an edge on the rest of the world…like super speed


very timely! good job :smiley:


ZOMG, Mars is made of bacon!

(sorry–I really like the shirt, but Mars looks very bacony. Still gets my vote.)


Well this is what I was drawing but is better than mine. So instead of submitting, I’m voting for you :slight_smile:


Topical, nicely done. GMV and I’ll buy this even tho I hate anvil.


My own personal wish.

Please note, Mr. rejectionator - there are no letters duplicated from an official logo, and the background silhouette is a football stadium and a football.

Parody should cover this baby, I would think.


Off for vacation.


I had an idea like this but I was going to wish for more genies not Shenlong.


I wanted to do this idea too but glad I didn’t yours turned out good.


oh gosh. two of my favorite things. :smiley:


I have a design around the same idea. I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it for the derby. Good luck with yours!