Derby entry comments for Derby #265: Imaginary Restaurants

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If I had a restaurant, I would make the entire menu out of the periodic table! Thinking of all these foods was hard!

Some close ups for you!

Here are the close up links since the images aren’t showing up right now.

Time travellers! Come to the world’s biggest BBQ event, our diner location in hot downtown Chicxulub, Mexico, 65.5 millions years BC.

Choose and eat your own dinosaur!

This is a 1 color design on a silver shirt.

Thanks for looking,

Eat Meat at Slim N’ Betsy’s!

He’s a chip off the old block and raisins are terrible.

A silly, generic computer joke about bits and bytes via a pixel restaurant ad. Love burgs.

HOoOoOoOoOoh! Spicy!!!

What can I say? We love meat. tasty, tasty meat.

BTW, all of them are real food names.

Please click for detail while the pictures are fixed.
Detail Here:

Uh oh, I think you got confused on the theme. It’s not just about food, but about a restaurant:

“best ad or slogan for an imaginary restaurant”

3 colors on brown :slight_smile:

<3 the “formerly” part!

Hope you like it!! ^o^

Been wanting to make an Opossum based design for a few weeks… thought this was the perfect derby for it. Hope you all like it!! Close up of the opossum.

Actually laughed out loud. Brilliant shirt!

BIG VERSION here. :^)

fun design, but isn’t this Godzilla and King Kong? No pop culture this week.

Can’t wait to wear this one - nice work!

Ha ha ha! :smiley:

Under New Management…

It’s sad about the old manger, Marie…

Good one!