Derby entry comments for Derby #267: Double-Take Derby 18

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Come on, second time lucky. :^)

Chicxulub crater. (Wikipedia)

Forgot this was going to be in the double take! Nice to see it having a second chance - thanks woot. Tea!

LHC Cafe, where the food is smashingly good!

Adorable!! I really hope this one wins!

Inspired by the fabulous BBC show “Merlin.”

My first HM! Back for round two.

You’re not the only one: This is one of the few Woot Shirt designs I’ve actually wanted to buy in months!

Awesome design! I hope it’ll be print

I wanted it the first time it hit the derby, and I still want it now.

awesomeness! voted!

Yay, a second chance at one of my favorites!

Ahhh, it brings back memories. Two ever popular themes in one! The Golden Spiral, and nautiluses (nautili?).

I don’t remember seeing this the first time around, but I really love it.

Sure hope this wins!

Hey! None of the Lost In A Good Book entries are up! What gives?

edit: Fixed!

This was from the gold derby. It has gold ink splatters and such.

Dial-Up + Art Deco


I don’t see it happening- too many awesome entries. Thanks though