Derby entry comments for Derby #268: Crosshatch Rehash


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A nighthawk. No, not THAT kind of nighthawk. On the moon, which has holes cut out where he’s apparently strung up some of his feathers. Why? I dunno, YOLO or something?

Unfortunately, my crosshatching is more like scribblehatching and I am awful. I can do it on paper, but not with a tablet. Lesson learned.




Hi y’all! Hope you like this awesome athlete!


All dressed up!


I decided to go with the black on this one, though I almost posted the green one, as well…


Love it! Got a giant smile and an “aww” when I saw the full design.


I once dived with an Eagle Ray in Grand Cayman, and rays have fascinated me ever since.




I Feel Drunk.


See wikipedia for more on my inspiration for this design. The Zhangjiajie National Forest in China is on my bucket list. It is within the pictograph for “Dream”


As the tree shakes off its leaves for the coming winter, a new form is exposed. The hamadryad was born to this tree; its life force and protector. She will remain with it for as long as it lives, feeling the tug of fall breezes on her leaves as well.

Here’s the big one!


Who watches the watchers?


Tea Time!


my one year old spilled water on my keyboard so i c
an’t type c
apitals and it appears c
's are being weird too. hope you enjoy my foppish c
alifornia c
ondor! who says you c
an’t eat rotten meat and look good doing it?


So adorable!!!


Love it. Great characters!


EDIT: I just uploaded a fixed version with the vertebrae attached to the cranium. Please Revote!

Ancient study drawing of an Akhekhu dragon.


This is my first design! Please be kind :slight_smile:


Love this!!