Derby entry comments for Derby 269: Worst. Job. EVER.

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Dying… it’s an occupational hazard. (especially when you’re trying out new material)

Close-up detail:

This is a five color design on a brown tee. See a BIG VERSION here!

Thanks for looking, please vote if you like this design.

A job playing cassettes. Bored, underutilized and going nowhere.

Probably my favorite work of fiction in the world (as any of my friends would tell you), LotR is always a good source of inspiration.

And in this case, lots of perspiration for the guy on the window-washing platform…

Gardening is sometimes dangerous…but you’ve never experienced a garden like this!! I know there will be some other mario related designs… but I had this idea…started doing it…and I liked it. But I am working with my friends Di.Jay on another idea I had!!Hope you like it!:smiley:

I felt that being the assistant to help people with software issues, is the loneliest job ever. No one wants you around ;_;

Rounding up velociraptors is a thankless job.

Sure, he can always illuminate and keep guard of what’s in front of him. But he can never see what’s lurking behind him. And that can be scary even if it’s not.

Side note: If you look this design from a distance, it looks like the monster is angry (see the shirt comp), but when you look it closely, he’s happy to have a new friend.

Haha, pretty cool!




Love how the red pops. Love dragons!

Dang, this is a fine shirt!

It could have seemed like a throwaway joke but you really sold it with the quality of the illustration. Great perspective.

I hope you like this kind of “humor” XDXD

Might want to add a closeup. Can’t tell what the badge says and the text is a bit blurry.

THE LIDLESS EYE: Wreathed in Saline!!! Staring eternally in the dry heat of Mordor…

It’s a thankless job, but someone has to keep the Dark Lord Moist, clockwork orange style…

If this doesn’t win, all faith in the derby will be lost.

Unlikely to pass rejection.

Is it bad that this shirt made me think of this?