Derby entry comments for Derby #279: Food

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Start your day with breakfast!

Collab with CoDDesigns!

“Give me the blood!”

The pizza of our childhood! Nothing tastes better than nostalgia! NOTHING!

“I saw the murderer.”


I Love…Food…specially one type… :slight_smile: Hope you like it!

I scream, you scream, the ice screams “Eat Meeee!”

A Thanksgiving Day collaboration with my wife - who improved this joke and the overall design amazingly, and caused all to laugh yesterday.

Is it cool if I just like bacon - without it being a big deal?

A Thanksgiving Day collab with my Brother-in-Law, who works with missionaries.

Yes, my entire family has a bit of a macabre sense of humor.

Awesome perspective on this! Great job dude

A design I finished just a few hours before I knew the derby theme :slight_smile: Hope you like this dumb pun XD

I hope you like this killer joke ;p

A very strange dinner for the kittie!!hope you like it!

Sometimes a Fruit tries to get an unfair advantage. From concentrate.

enjoy the citrus love!hope you like it guys!

Weird habits from Indian Fruit!hope you like it!! :smiley:

…and where is life getting all these lemons in the first place? Is life a lemon farmer?