Derby entry comments for Derby #28: Quitter!

hmmm…? what are you trying to say?

i love this guy. or girl. or thing.

Too bad I don’t have a J, E, R, or K

tgentry, are those lines gray or light blue or something else entirely? My monitor isn’t helping me out much with this. LOL! (Okay, this particular filter change is wild. Funny! Def. better than “jejeje.”)

I like this. Not much of an earth tones wearer, myself, but I do like this. GMV! I know someone who would just love this on a shirt.

SWEET! I would buy three.

Very nice

We’ve all been there. Playing scrabble. Down to the end. Trailing behind your disputant. The only letters left are the ones in your little hand. You still have the Q! Ah yes. One last endeavor towards victory! Maybe you could build off of UTILITY? Drat! Not enough open space. Quick letter count. Double Drat! No more U’s. Time to yield this tactic my friend. Hope is a cheating paramour.

Wear this shirt to work to express your true feelings without worrying that your coworkers will figure it out. Their inferior intelligence will keep you safe…not that the inability to figure this puzzle out means that you have inferior intelligence. It’s just common knowledge that your coworkers are all dumb. Right?

Also, you can wear this if you are worried you’re going to get canned. If you see that boss of yours walking down the hall toward you with that bright, pink piece of paper, proudly puff out your chest and put him in his place! That’s right! Stick it to the man!

Also, that’s a ewe, not a sheep. kthxbye.


Very well done as always.

Too legit to lose!

Yeah it’s kind of a bummer but in a way it’s also a victory of self control. It’s like gambling, there’s always people that think “just one more hand and I’ll make it all up”. I takes a lot of will power to walk away.

Love it

Please vote for the Little Engine that Chose Not to! :smiley: Thanks

Please vote for the Little Engine that Chose Not to! :smiley: Thanks

It’s an earthy blue.

The man! Tgent, you draw real purdy, like.

Seriously, i love how you can draw and be creative at the same time… somewhat of a rarity on shirt.woot.

Purple on bright orange is certainly one way to make Dane Cook enjoyable… by comparison.

monopoly has always ended the same way