Derby entry comments for Derby #283: Slogans for Animals


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Unfortunately, “Beavers: They Dam good!” didn’t come to me early enough, but I think this one’s ok too. :slight_smile:


Look at that owl. He’s so smug.


fact: killer whales are dolphins


Some fun with the American national bird and the urban legend of Ben Franklin’s dismay at its choosing.




The return of Hamsterdance. Fuzzy belly power, activate!


Speeding up evolution a bit.



Need a pet, but cats and dogs aren’t your thing? Amphibians are the way to go! A toadally cool alternative to the everyday pet!


Brontosaurus. How we pine for you.


elephants never forget because their brain is in their trunk…thats a lie

(revised an older design id always loved)


Dark and wet, looks comfortable!


for your next vacation!


Fun fact: Lemmings don’t actually heave themselves off cliffs. It’s just that their excessive numbers cause many to be pushed off ledges to their doom. DOOM!


so many possibilities!


there must be a way…


all of them!


Apart from being cute, cats really teach us a valuable lesson about relaxing and living in the moment. I will probably submit a couple more designs this week… but today was a busy one and i could only finish this one!! Hope you like it!


travel the seas in style!


give credit where credit is due