Derby entry comments for Derby #29: Trompe L'Oeil

me and Bluchez… we’s gonna be like Cool Hand Luke and Dragline (George Kennedy), we’s gonna take the beatin, and keep on comin back Boss!

(btw, its obvious im jimiyo, and i would like to defend myself, as not being pompous, i dont point my work out as being great, NEVER, i may however say im happy with a piece because i spent all my energies trying to get it right, cause i work my arse off. so you go on with your lies. i post stuff, and hope that people like it. i let them judge. Cheers!)

moderator, you should let this post survive and not delete it cause the Paul Newman reference is cool. even if he does make salad dressing now.

this is the last post from cool hand luke 2

I think the main thing that bothers me about this discussion is the amount of sway people think they have on how others vote. Its one thing to state your opinion, but what is saying “What are the voters thinking?” going to do. NObody is going to change their vote because they didnt realize other people might not agree with their vote.
I wont buy this shirt, I wont wear this shirt, I wont vote for this shirt, but the way this game called a derby works is that if you get the most votes, you win. The level of your art has no procedural impact on whether or not your shirt gets printed.
So stop complaining! Play the game and get the most votes - thats what this guy is doing. So what if it doesnt have any fantastic artwork? Hes more-than-likely going to get printed. End of story.

I’m back here to say Jimi is my new hero. Jimi owns, jimi is the man, I aspire to be jimi. GO JIMI GO. i’ve already learned a lot just by looking at what you’ve done so far. Brilliant execution, your eye for detail and composition amazes me. I hope you win and keep winning Jimi. Much Love


dont h8. don’t be a h8er.

Congrats on getting in the fog - no my kind of shirt but obviously there were plenty of voters for it.

As to the nay-sayers - the contest is to DESIGN a shirt. One that will garner enough votes to win the contest. There is no stipulation on hand-drawn or great artwork.

I almost voted for this out of spite for all the vitriol this shirt inspired. I am sure there are others that did.

Maybe woot will do a hand-drawn only week or something much in the way they have no-text weeks (which I prefer).

anyway - congrats again Bryan.

I love this shirt… of course it would probably be sold out way before I even woke up…

this shirt is so good that no one noticed it was on cream.

Ha ha ha ha ha!
This movie is AWESOME. i love it when they all run out of air then O_O pop!

I don’t know why it wasn’t rejected - not exactly PG-13. But since it isn’t in the fog, maybe Joel is no longer interested.

you almost voted for it out of spite. would you have then almost BOUGHT it out of spite as well? you see the problem, yes?


i would like it alot better if it didn’t say Yamaha, looks kinda tacky imo

It’s a shame this didn’t make it, good job edgar.

Yeah, I suppose putting a fish in a bag of fluids wouldn’t go over so well… would totally kill the whole ‘sterile’ thing… Imagine what a patient would say! Imagine the malpractice suits!

But it’d be an interesting concept for another theme! IE- a “homeopathic” medical one, where somehow the healing powers of the fish are transferred to the patient.

I really hope this makes it to second place, seeing that it didn’t win!

Is this a form of medication you use often?

Are you kidding me? Since when is a worm poking out of an apple not PG-13. I mean really. I thought, ok, if you really want to look at it in an Adult manner like the previous comments did, then I’ll play along. But to actually think it should be rejected for adult content!? Absurd!

Nope. Don’t see a problem. If people voted out of spite it would serve the negacrats right.

Unless woot turns the vote into a commitment to buy (i.e. if a shirt you voted for actually wins, then your account automatically buys the shirt) then there are a lot of people that vote for shirts they dont buy.

No, but I can lend you a fish or two if you want to try it out yourself :slight_smile:

if this shirt makes it i can’t wait to buy it!