Derby entry comments for Derby #29: Trompe L'Oeil


i would like it alot better if it didn’t say Yamaha, looks kinda tacky imo

It’s a shame this didn’t make it, good job edgar.

Yeah, I suppose putting a fish in a bag of fluids wouldn’t go over so well… would totally kill the whole ‘sterile’ thing… Imagine what a patient would say! Imagine the malpractice suits!

But it’d be an interesting concept for another theme! IE- a “homeopathic” medical one, where somehow the healing powers of the fish are transferred to the patient.

I really hope this makes it to second place, seeing that it didn’t win!

Is this a form of medication you use often?

Are you kidding me? Since when is a worm poking out of an apple not PG-13. I mean really. I thought, ok, if you really want to look at it in an Adult manner like the previous comments did, then I’ll play along. But to actually think it should be rejected for adult content!? Absurd!

Nope. Don’t see a problem. If people voted out of spite it would serve the negacrats right.

Unless woot turns the vote into a commitment to buy (i.e. if a shirt you voted for actually wins, then your account automatically buys the shirt) then there are a lot of people that vote for shirts they dont buy.

No, but I can lend you a fish or two if you want to try it out yourself :slight_smile:

if this shirt makes it i can’t wait to buy it!

This is off topic, but I want to know if there will be any printing problems with the SoulGlow tshirt, I really like it and will probably try to buy it; but I know that Alvin Ping’s dream shirt didnt exactly turn out as expected, was wondering if Soul Glow would potentially have any problems as well.

It’s not actually off topic. Hopefully woot will do the design justice. Part of the beauty of this design is the moire patterns created by the “reflective” elements. If that gets muddy, it’ll look like a candle surrounded by spotlights. If it gets 3rd, people should def take a picture of their shirts using a macro lens and post it on the boards. I’d love to know what the smallest dot width that can be printed.

I have never seen a derby shirt sell less than the number of votes it had. Try again

i really like the colors of this shirt. please reprint this one!

perfectly fitting…

i agree seeing that kangaroos are my favorite animal :slight_smile: