Derby entry comments for Derby #29: Trompe L'Oeil

So you think you’re some sort of hot shot… Putting silly signs on my back trying to start something between third and fourth period. I’ve got news for you, Johnny. You can’t trick the trickster. Looks like I’LL be the one taking Suzy home tonight. Don’t wait up, pal.

The shirt colour should be perfect for it. I didn’t think a dark colour would work as well, nor a colourful one, since I wanted to go for a window-frame feel. Creme sorta just won out.

If printed, this should really look its best on Creme, I’d think. Unless you just don’t like creme, in which case I dunno what to tell you. I personally love it as a base.

Thank you for the compliment anyway!

come on… 5 more votes and this baby hits the hotness…

All you need is to eat a bunch of cheese puffs and encourage your friends to vote and this could be you!

Looks like gradients to me …

woohoo… ONE VOTE… that’s what i’m talkin’ about. lol

Obviously this is not the most original idea, but it is meant to be complimentary t the tuxedo shirt. If Ahnold would have worn a tuxedo t-shirt instead of a real one in True Lies, this would have been Tom Arnold’s nerd shirt. It is fashioned after the Nerd Herd uniform in the show Chuck. I didn’t realize the rules said no neck-ties until after making it so I may get rejected, but I wanted to post it anyways since the tie is not the whole focus of the shirt. I tried to get clarification as to whether inclusion of a tie would get me rejected but I never heard back.

looks are deceiving. I have six vectorized colors in there, plus the shirt color, my friend.

I take the accusation of using gradients as a compliment. Thank you very much!

Lucky Threadz has the exact same shirt … bound to be rejected …

Hard to tell without the source file, but I bet there is only 6 colors there… Just very well done layering…

Hasn’t Joel been rejecting designs with gradients in the thumbnail pic?


like I said in the derby comments, I love this one. I can’t help but laugh when I look at it. I love the title too. Well done!

Given woot’s 16x20 space, this is the best I could do to make it look like your Black shirt (or it’s owner) has just been greeted in Hawaii. After I designed the leis, I figured it would be appropriate to comment on what happens when the vacation ends and the leis deteriorate …So, please vote on this alternative version of the vacation design…vacation’s over.

Get the idea from this guys tats?

Man, I was trying to figure out how to execute this idea well, and all I could come up with was an outline of a shoulder holster. Well done as usual, Mr. Filley. Also, good call on subbing in the light gun; according to your bio, we’re in similar occupations.

Part superhero, part beast this delicious toon-fro will make any wimp into a He-man or She-ra.

A bit hacky perhaps, but it rare AI submission from me. Hopefully, I’ll get time to submit the two others bouncing around in my skull for this most excellent theme.

Good luck everybody, all ready there’s a ton of great submissions!

[Ok, Wheres Peta when you need them.

You realize that since you don’t show the shirt at all in the thumbnail, this will probably be rejected hard, right?

I like! This would be great for Star Wars fans.