Derby entry comments for Derby #293: Infographics Revisited

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I heard you guys wanted more cat shirts. :wink:

Thanks to Wirdou for the help with this design!

Collab with Ignorant. Hope you like it.

Just one trip around the Sun and we shall earn our freedom.

Our planets as their caffeinated drink equivalents. They are all to scale so more caffeine = bigger object.

I’ve included the astronomical signs as a cheat sheet. There are our 8 planets, 5 dwarf planets and a smattering of moons.

Also, the sun isn’t to scale, but in case anyone is curious it is about the equivalent to eating a 1.5 pound bag of coffee beans. Om nom… nom.

Cowabunga, dudes!

Mmmmmm, yummmyyy!


Goldilocks really could have used this guide.

So this idea morphed out of the random thought of Zombies… on ice. I mean really? Zombies, not known for their grace, ice-skating in pairs. So this design was born, and I’m working on a Zombie Ice-Capades daily to submit.

One single color on black.


Real steps you can take to discover how much wood a woodchuck can really chuck.

Time to learn some chemistry!!:smiley:

a/k/a: Three times I tell you!!


How many force can yo see on this image? Two colors on black!! Hope you like it!!


I’m sure I must have learned other things too…

Lets discover the mystery of food pyramid!! :slight_smile:

Now you know everything there is to know.