Derby entry comments for Derby #293: Infographics Revisited

Hope you like it!

the only thing good to come out of the 80s…movies

HA! Fun AND Educational!

Just in case, “tamper” is not a typo…

This is cool!

That shirt is funny, too bad it was rejected :frowning:

Our planets as their caffeinated drink equivalents. They are all to scale so more caffeine = bigger object.

I’ve included the astronomical signs as a cheat sheet. There are our 8 planets, 5 dwarf planets and a smattering of moons.

Also, the sun isn’t to scale, but in case anyone is curious it is about the equivalent to eating a 1.5 pound bag of coffee beans. Om nom… nom.

This is really funny!

I love caffeine like you people love your cats.

in case of zombies, use your brain :smiley:
5 colors on black, hope you like it!

Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device

What about “loosing”?


Why exactly was this rejected???

My guess is using the word Mogwai


All because of a shitty band. I wouldn’t mind if they were any good. :slight_smile:

This is the result of a collaboration with my future father-in-law. AKA what you get when you put two engineers (one right-brained, the other a history buff) who love puns on a shirt design.

lol’ed on the last panel. +1

very clever! love it!