Derby entry comments for Derby #295: Glow in the Dark

no, they are 6, I halftone the purple, orange, and cream :slight_smile:

Reworked this previous design. Completely recolored it to comply with the No-Halftones rule. Eliminated some extra colors and added the GITD ink effect.

A closer up few of those brave kittens!

//scraps design
//kicks rock

This is awesome! Winner!


Inspired by “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss.

Hello, everyone! There’s a hidden monster here…is he there to eat the bunnies or to protect them from other bunny predators?! You decide.

Thanks for looking! :slight_smile:

If I changed the shirt color could I submit it?

It’s not a direct quote from the book, and there isn’t a copyright on eggs and ham.

Soooo I read the pre-derby feedback about 15 minutes ago. I will be making a “perfectionist” version when I have time later today. In the meantime I hope to convey my tongue-in-cheek intent. I made this design with the aim of irking the masses. Not a specific group of people, but I realize humor can be a polarizing thing at times.

Anyway, if it meets with rejection I’ll understand…


You could say I have faeries on the brain, what with Spring almost here, and my upcoming sculpture kickstarter project. This design was inspired by several sources, including a tattoo, a friend, and a suicide girl. I hope you like it.

Four colors (black, brown, white, glow-in-the-dark) on asphalt.

Pretty neat! I had the exact same idea…almost the same composition too. Good thing I picked bunnies instead.

If this printed, I would have to break two of my shirt rules to buy it:

  1. no more black shirts
  2. no gitd ink

But I don’t know how I would be able to resist, especially because of the beautiful inclusion of the french. Ahh!

I understand but perhaps I didn’t represent it correctly. There won’t be total black silhouettes but more of a grey. I just don’t think I displayed it correctly. The “light” ink would fade in the dark and the “night” ink would glow. Correct?

My night ink is printed over the top of the light ink. Do I just need to display it with the silhouettes as a grey?

You are what you eat; but does what you eat know what is was?

How will the black silhouette of the doctor work when there is white behind the glow?

No halftones per the rules. Travis confirmed it was for all colors as well as GITD. Quick Fix!!

Need one of these for my 4-year-old.

It is so true!

Brrraaaaaaains. No child is safe :smiley: