Derby entry comments for Derby #300: What Makes Me Different

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Took down my first design (was on a color not available this week, d’oh!) Go here instead.

I use procrastination as a vehicle for getting things done!

Oh, he likes games, not brains!
A collab with the amazing BootsBoots!

Night birdie and day birdie. They are ravens (inspired by a certain norse myth…) unless you don’t like ravens then they are whatever you want them to be >.> <.<

As for what makes me different as a woot artist? I’ve been doing these derbies for like two years now and I still have no idea what I am doing. I prefer to do something mythology based. I like to play around with all manner of styles, though these shirts rarely do as well as my text heavy pop-cultury designs. Oh well.

Sheldon, he’s a bit different and set in his ways.

And it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Or so they say.

Glub glub.

I am destined for greatness, I just haven’t figured it out yet.

Give me a minute. I’ve got it!.. wait, no, that’s not it…

This is six colors on a brown shirt. Please vote if you like this design!


Go us!

Actually, the number 8 is quite different to others numbers.

Hope you like it! Two colors on silver

Everyone told me I should eat cat food or kibble or, I don’t know, birds and mice and stuff, but I wouldn’t listen. Cautionary tale, kids.

Six colors on a red tee. Please vote if you like this design.

Thanks and happy 300th derby Woot!

A collab with Alberto Arni, we hope you like it. Thanks.

The Black Sheep is always the rebel.

I couldn’t think of a title, so I just called it “Best Design Ever.” :slight_smile:

Why wait? The sky’s a wasting.

This is six colors on a silver tee. (It’s 100% redrawn from a version of this I made a couple of years ago). Please vote if you like this design!


Pokemon fishing is a lot like fishing in real life…you know… a lot of luck, and everyone else but you catches all the big fish.

If it isn’t apparent, I have never had a single art class, but I do have quiet an active imagination.

Kevsheep is the new Kevbot.

Always strive to shy away from the herd!