Derby entry comments for Derby #301: Television

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Television is always telling us to consume things! This bunny has the wrong idea on what that means… or maybe it’s the right idea? Nom nom nom…

Someone’s gotta do it.

Forget shows about reading. Shows about watching TV are where it’s at.

Tasty treats from the old country. Gingerbread cookies (lebkuchen) baked by the Brothers Grimm, the original wesen hunters.

Thanks for looking, here’s a BIG version. It’s five colors on a brown tee.


Golden Girls and Back To The Future both came out in 1985, and Rose’s stories are a kind of time travel back to St. Olaf, so there you have it.

One of the most memorable moments at one of my favorite TV shows :smiley:

Thank you for looking.

I’m sure this will be rejected, but I wanted to sub it anyway. Simpsons/HIMYM masup.


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I just HAD to do another theme song entry for this derby. Any other Reading Rainbow fans out there? And this is a revision of a prior derby entry, so I want to give a big thanks to those of you who gave me feedback last time around.

Jon Snow from TV’s Game of Thrones rendered here as a literal “crow”, a word used to describe members of The Night’s Watch.

I’m pretty sure the Dillon Panthers always had a spiny shell or two up their sleeves. :slight_smile:

A Remote Island. Chillin’, Channel Surfing, whatever. And yes that’s an intentional “TV” being formed in the background. Hope you like it.

Throw away the remote control, we no longer control the TV, it controls us…MWWUUAAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!

On navy, hope you like it.

One of my favorite shows on Television – ever – is Firefly. I still haven’t forgiven Fox for cancelling it less than a full season in.

One of the most iconic and memorable scenes from that show is our first real introduction to the character of WASH: - YouTube

Here’s my tribute. A tribute to Television. A tribute to Firefly. A tribute to Whedon. A tribute to balsa wood dinosaurs.

Hope you enjoy it! Hope you vote for it! I want to wear it!

We call this shirt color Browncoat brown.


I love it! I didn’t even care that Back to the Future came out at the same time, it just fit so well. Hope it prints!

The world needs more Golden Girls shirts! :slight_smile: