Derby entry comments for Derby #307: Red, White, and Blue

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I’m pretty sure Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson won’t mind that I’ve turned them into PowerPuff Girls.

Breakfast of Patriots.

just noticed this and thought it needed to be said

edit: I know that America is a continent and different from “USA.” However… 'Murica.

An essential skill.

Presenting a pattern of Presidential pixel portraits! 44 of 'em, including Grover Cleveland twice , a little grayer and chubbier the second time (the 22nd and 24th presidency).

Here are some of the more notable ones:

This is three colors on black. See a BIG VERSION here.

Thanks for looking! Please vote if you like this design,

All patterned out.

Happy Birthday!! :D:D

Greetings from Spain, don’t forget we gave you a hand when we were an “empire” XDXD Now we just dance flamenco and fight against bulls :stuck_out_tongue:

What does it mean?

If there’s one thing that we in the US like more than most folks, it’s humungous quantities of anything fried and salty.

WOOOOOOOOOW!! The hard work worth it. Awesome!

“You know, I was growing my own hemp long before Flesh-N-Bone ever did… Oh, you liked Will Smith in Independence Day? Yeah, I preferred winning our independence in 1781 at Battle of Yorktown.”

He was Gorn to fight… Gorn to Die… A story of innocence lost and courage found. Gorn on the 4th of July…

Beautiful, excellent design!

Since 1777, the flag of United States has been modified 26 times (the last one, 1959), because of the inclusion of the 50 states during history.
Here’s a chronological inclusion of that states.
Hope you like it!

George Washinton VS outerspace ! FOR ‘MURICA!

I know some people don’t like white shirts, so I wanted to give a blue shirt option and see what happened.

WE WILL HOLD THE LINE! … and the Mayo!

A little lizard wants to see what’s making all that noise. A convenient hat later, and he’s got the best view in the house.

Haha, nice! :^)