Derby entry comments for Derby #307: Red, White, and Blue

Based on the WWII propaganda poster “Loose Lips might Sink Ships”

BTW, thanks to Rasabi and Tomspc for the suggestion!

A tribute to a mad genius, tormented artist and great American.

Hope you like it!


cool +1 :stuck_out_tongue:

cute! :stuck_out_tongue:

2 colors on royal blue

You are truly a concept artist, great job.

I designed a shirt I would wear on July 4th. It feels pretty patriotic, but is also kind of silly.

6 colors on red. Lincoln’s suit is a brown/black half tone mix. Same with eagle’s inside of the mouth.

A little lizard climbing to get a better view of the fireworks. Resubbed on green, because I like it better that way.

Pow, right in the kisser!

You my friend, have an awesome skill. This will go to the Pixel Hall of Fame!

Thank you guys!

I don’t know why I haven’t done much pixel art here, it’s one of my favorite things.

Vey cute!

this is beautiful

Wow, great job! I would play this game.

Nice use of WWII propaganda!

Very cool!

Whoops! I messed up the stripes but they are fixed now. :slight_smile: Please vote again!

Ha! I’d have one of these for breakfast any day!