Derby entry comments for Derby #31: Water

Comments for individual derby entries are placed in this thread.


First one:
Underwater Friends. Mermaid and her fish friend along with many features of sealife. Waves of water surround them and the fluidity of the design shows the motion of the sealife moving in the water.

What’s in your shirt? Two frogs? Sea creatures? We just don’t know. Oh, now they see each other from across the material… is it love? Is it envy? Is it something else entirely different? We just don’t know. Simple design, but does convey the illusion of water.

What’s in a sponge? Bacteria, bleach, cleaners, fungus, and the evil dryness that eventually consumes all water inside… all the things that pure water hates. So when the sponge comes out, the pure water droplets run for their little lives! Run, little droplets run! Escape! Oh no, Steve, Bruce, and Horace were caught! Is anyone else going to make it to the safety of the glass?

Three Colorful Koi Swimming together.

The streaming of stars gives the movement of the fish and the water pattern. The addition of the light blue are the shadows on the fish when submerged in water. The fish are drawn with movement and fluidity to make them look like they are swimming in the water.

I tried to create the design much like I would paint on canvas, using broad brushstrokes to give the feeling of movement in the water. My hope was that the result would look like you were looking down upon the fish as they are swimming and the blue shadow on their body from the water as they swim freely.

Wow, this is probably my favorite shirt of yours. I would definitely get one.

An Abstract depiction of the water cycle… clouds beget rain, which fills pools, which evaporate to clouds… etc…

Welcome back to 3rd grade Science class!

I love the retro feel of this design!

Whoa, fantastic! I love the 50’s cartoon feel to this. GMV, very nice.

Three Cheers for and Orange Shirt!! Great White Heron atop a rock with a fish teasing him nearby.

The Ready Raindrop, whether the weather is good or bad, he’s ready with a smile, umbrella and galoshes, all of which he’d more than be willing to share with a friend.

i’d first like to apologize to the woot staff [especially gatzy, joel] for throwing a tantrum over a probation, and escalating drama over in the forums a couple of weeks ago. I hastily said things that shouldn’t of been said, and fully admit it was absolutely immature for me to storm off after consciously breaking the rules. I’m here to hopefully to mend this, and instead of not submitting designs, I think it’s best I just keep out of the forums. I hope the community + staff can accept my apology and bear with my submissions this week. Thanks for reading - and thank you for those that vote for this design.


Take your Medicine with a full-glass of water. Sorry, but it’s the Dr.'s Orders!

Welcome back! :slight_smile:

I made this in the style of Edward Gorey. I traced nothing! I copied nothing!This design is a chance to vote for something original, that expresses the mood that days and days of rain evoke. I think I evoked the mood very well. Though it’s not cute, it sure will look great on a T-shirt.

in for 3! :b

hugs Cho we missed you…

and damn… you did the waves… XD

This is absolutely gorgeous. GMV.

Meet Beau Walker. Toughest little raindrop west of the Appalachians. He’d sooner spit in yer eye than smile at ya. It’s been a rough week of rustlin’ H2O from old man Cooters’ water farm, and Beau’s taking risks his body can’t afford. Soon the sun will set on this teardrop curr, but for now we call into the night “Ride Beau! Ride!”