Derby entry comments for Derby #310: Double-Take Derby 21

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A design of mine I’d really love to wear. Thanks for the second chance!

I so want my shirt to print. I can think of so many hilarious places to wear this.

How about you? Where would you wear it?

Bottom image - glow in the dark ink!

Still Want!

Wait… I bought this shirt here last week… How is that possible? What did I really bought?

I liked this one the first time around. And I think I like it even more now.

The building on the bottom reminds me of Williamsburg…
I voted for this one last time, and I’m voting for it again.

If I could, I’d vote for this 42 times.

One of my favorites! :wink:

Love it!

Great concept!


Great job on the font. Love this design!

Thank you!

The building is modeled after Mount Vernon (trying to hearken back to colonial America - so you were very close!).

I want this one so bad it’s killing me!!!


I love this one.

Pip’s a lover, not a fighter.

“Don’t ask questions”