Derby entry comments for Derby #311: Back in Back

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Collaboration with Ignorant… Hope you like it.

Wear this shirt if your cape is in the wash.

You can wear this shirt backwards on opposite day to have a front facing shirt!

He ain’t heavy, he’s my Yoda. (back-print)

Close-up details:

See a big version HERE!

The logo is a parody of the outdoor brand Camelbak, not to be confused with Yoda’s swamp home planet. :slight_smile: The merit badges are for balancing on one hand, force somersaulting, stacking rocks, swinging on swamp vines, and going into the Darkside Tree cave.

Thanks for looking! Please vote if you like this design.


What Would Daryl Dixon Do?

Please note: I checked, and double-checked, all locations listed on the shirt, and all of them are real-world locations, not fantasy ones, associated in one way or another with the HP universe.

Inspired from Doctor Who’s Turn Left episode…
Hope you like it !

Please note: All places mentioned are real worlds/stars

Collaboration with Ignorant. Hope you like it.

If I’m running, dinosaurs are chasing me! (That sounds familiar)

When I first saw Drive (the movie) all I could think about was the song “Drive,” (by The Cars), and it stayed in my head for weeks. So this is my little mash-up of the two.

Tired of looking at the same face in the mirror? Want to try new personalities? From the finest factories in Gallifrey it comes “Regenerate”!

Seriously, I have a monkey on my back!

Who you gonna call?

I was inspired by this entry in the Urban Dictionary.

An artificial form of tourette syndrome in which the singing or speaking of a line from a song by one individual produces the spontaneous and not entirely voluntary singing or speaking of further lines of said song by another individual. This phenomenon is most often seen among people in good moods.

Sometimes, this is the only way I get to talk. Hope you like it.

Maybe in space, no on can hear you scream, but in an upscale shopping mall, they certainly can. And they frown upon it. And if you do it too often, Security hustles you right off the property, and they don’t seem to care one whit whether they spill your nine dollar grande half-caf caramel macchiato either.

Regardless, I have reached the stunning realization that I am not alone.

By this I mean that not only am I not the only one to be burdened with the weight of a million suns, but also that the burden I carry is itself not alone. It took a long time to realize it, but eventually I discovered that even my problems have problems.

The first clue was those heavy sighs I heard–or thought I heard just on the fringes of perception–often in the wee hours of the night. Yet, even after I’d finished weeing, oftentimes I still thought I’d heard something. And soon those sighs grew so frequent that I could no longer ignore them. That, and they grew so forceful that they kept knocking the eyeglasses off my face.

As it turns out, the monkey on my back has a monkey on his back–who in turn has another on his own.

And then there are the banana peels.

I mean, I know they have problems and everything, but why do they just toss those banana peels willy-nilly anywhere they please? Would it kill them just to hold onto them until the next time I went near a trash can? Would it? Recently, I’ve had more banana peel pratfalls than a barrel of Three Stooges shorts.

In the meantime, they say that admitting that you have a problem is the first step in overcoming it. Okay. I know I have problems. I just wish they would admit they do, too.

This is so funny and awesome!

This is so well done!