Derby entry comments for Derby #311: Back in Back

I see what you did there, lol

That’s awesome.

This looks great and an awesome idea. One critique however is his sai, which doesnt look like it’s actually tucked into his belt. The belt looks suddenly flat around the sai, not like it actually conforms to its form.

Very nice

This design already exists on multiple other sites for sale, like here:

where do you keep your pizza?? :smiley: hope you like it!!!

Thanks! I’m actually quite proud. I hope people take the time to try and scan it!

This shirt will go great with a red hat and red long sleeve undershirt.

Any Dark Tower fans out there? Vote and remember the face of your father.

I won’t walk too closely behind you. :wink:

Nice one!

Walmazan’s monkeys are the best monkeys money can buy. :^)

Does this make us Ka?

One? I can think of three people, including myself, who desperately need this.

Thanks so much! I tried really hard to get the details right, and then add just a liiiittle funny (but not too much).


FlyingMouse365 - if you are the original artist, this design being for sale elsewhere means woot can’t print it in a derby.

If you aren’t the original artist (I’m coming up with several names) - well then, shame on you.

Those weapons have to go somewhere…
Thanks for taking a look! :slight_smile:

4 colors on black

You are an awful planner, lol

I did it: I scanned it.
Very clever. (The noise, however, made my dogs bark.)

Nicely done.

I couldn’t wear this because *whose.