Derby entry comments for Derby #311: Back in Back

I don’t watch Dr. Who, but that is one impressive bug.

I can imagine the reactions this shirt would get–especially in large crowds. It definitely got my vote.

When you want to be honest, wear the shirt untucked.

When you want to crash gates, tuck the shirt in.


Clever! GMV+1



Nice job!

Very clever!

I’ve got a QR-related shirt almost done, but I’m wondering now if I should just save it for later…

Very cute.

I agree - the joke would work MUCH better if you used ‘whose’, because then the answer makes sense and the pun is based on people misinterpreting the homophone!

Oh wow. Not sure that’s a wedding I’d want to attend.

I’m thinking, though, that this would be great for a wedding band to wear to the rehearsal…

And a moustache?

Brilliant! Artistic, technological, and hilarious! I didn’t get any sound though…what did I miss?

Just a question, how many times are you going to resubmit this moth. This is the fourth time that I can count and it’s almost an exact resub from derby 294 with no significant changes.

Please print in kid sizes! :slight_smile:

I just happen to like the design, though I keep tweaking it, based on feedback. I was going to just put it in the “print sometime when I figure out how to do it on my own” pile, but I’d made the mods for “back-of-the-shirt” and re-aligned to letters to get rid of the tension in the design…

If it doesn’t make it this time, it will be (truly) retired…

ok that made me chuckle

Fantastic job, Spirit! And thank you for using a light colored shirt. The last thing I want to wear outside when it’s 100 degrees is yet another black/slate/navy shirt.

My intent was to play on the incorrect use of “who’s” vs “whose”… and it seems to be working :slight_smile:

My first entry!


OMG! i was working on the same idea, but you´re so fast :smiley:

Amazing work, good luck

I think some apps/phones make a noise - like a scanner beep, ding or somesuch when it scans. The code itself doesn’t ‘make’ a noise.

Thanks for the feedback guys! :slight_smile: