Derby entry comments for Derby #313: College!

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This design was painful to make.

Living on instant noodles. Sharing geeky interests. That’s college!

(I guess it may be some other things too, don’t ask me, the guy who wore an Akira baseball jacket and green chinos every day.)

Thanks for checking out this design,
—Spiritgreen :slight_smile:

Old School style. Someone call campus security.

Hey, did you notice how the guy in pictograms is always naked? Fire exits, restroom doors, sports symbols - naked! He must be stopped.

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Some people have trouble picking a major, but for me why do today what you can put off indefinitely!

Pitch Perfect is one of my favorite movies. If I could go back to college, I would join an A Capella club. Too bad I can’t sing very well so they probably wouldn’t let me in.

Call it Toture call it University. Its just not for me.

Awesome concept!

Original (Boring) Order of Oparations

Everyone will notice if you fail Ninja College.


Shark Bait Ooh HA HA!

This is the only souvenir I kept from the semester I went to this school–after flunking out of the School of Hard Knocks.

It’s one of the lesser known schools in the Poison Ivy League…

If you can’t see the small print, the Latin motto reads SILENTIUM EST AUREUM: Silence Is Golden.

And I chose 1999 as the founding year because that was the year that listed as the first appearance of those initials.

I bet your college was a member- they are a bit less exclusive than those other leagues…

Thank you Revenge of the Nerds, for making it ok to be a nerd!

Based on the myth that many of us were taught in school - that most of the world believed the Earth was flat prior to Columbus’ heroic misdirection to “India.”

Heh…at first I read that as ‘Mutant Oodles’.

Because who hasn’t stayed up all night studying/working and then found out they don’t know the first answer on the exam? Also, cats.

The only thing college really prepared me for was to miss being in college…

This is the intro. After college you can get the instant bowl with “Crushing Student Loan Debt” Flavor Booster!

Man, Ood already look like Cthulhu’s butt pimples, what would a mutant Ood look like?!