Derby entry comments for Derby #313: College!

If your college plans are quite finalized yet, this shirt may be perfect for you.

And if you act NOW, this shirt also comes with a FREE LINK to a pen that can be used to complete the shirt.

Because, who hasn’t stayed up all night and then forgotten everything they studied for the test?

And it’s painful to read (or should I say that its painful to read?).

What’s even worse, though, is that there might be some out there who won’t get it at first glance.

Or second glance…

Really love this idea! Dunno if woot will consider it ‘text only’ or not? Good luck.

Clever design,great layout and execution!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Roomies. Gets my vote. :^)


You all get fatter on college, lol

The south pacific calls you!

I like it because it’s subtle.

But the colors are a little bit off… :confused:

Very clever–and appropriate.

Here’s mine. Curious to see what you guys and gals think:

Making your own rivalry, eh? :slight_smile: Nice! (I like this one slightly more)

Quite possibly one of the best things about college! Everywhere you look there is a tourney going on!

This is great stuff- If only we could reflatten the world…

Love the mashup, BeeDo, BeeDo.

Good one buddy!

Nice Concept!

Thank you Revenge of the Nerds, for making it ok to be a nerd!

CAN’T stop staring at creepy alien’s face…