Derby entry comments for Derby #314: Video Games

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The one exception to the hipster rule, some things are better after they were cool!

For people like me who <3 pixels & retrogaming. This is six inks on an olive shirt. See a BIG VERSION here.

Thanks for looking,

Pacific Rim + Pacman = Pac-Rim.

Loved that boot suit!

When you need a life saver.

The princess has been saved enough, time to help out somebody else

For those who have never heard of Harvest Moon


Mashup between Donkey Kong Country and Indiana Jones.

(K)etchum vs ®ocket

(K)en vs ®yu

Yup! :slight_smile:

Well, “Worms” is one of my favorite games ever. I know it would have been less risky to go with the plumber, but it’s worth a try! Hope you like it!

The Aperture Laboratories Enrichment Center would like to remind you that while a shirt is provided as a complimentary gift to all participants of this year’s laboratory-wide compulsory volunteer fundraiser, pants are not. The Enrichment center encourages all participants to reach the minimum threshold of human decency in consideration of your peers; however, it is not a requirement to be compelled to volunteer for this year’s testing.

I’m vote # 1 for Punch-Out!

This is so good!!


:Love it Matt!

This will not end well. Inspired design, kevlar. :^)

This is super cool!

I love worms!

Love the “Deal with it” look!