Derby entry comments for Derby #315: Inspired by Van Gogh


This is another version of my “Starry Serenity” design. I decided to drop the ship, make the colors more vibrant, and add a few more things. Thanks!


This is an alternate version to “Starry Serenity”. I dropped the ship and gave the shirt some overall treatment. Thanks!


I have an alternate version, which can be found here:


good one!


I think I’d rather have a large swirly Cthulhu.


I definitely got a chuckle out of this! If you have time, maybe resub with some sort of graphic element (though the bleeding ear might be overdone)? Still gmv, though.


I had to think about it for a second, but once I got it…pure hilarity.


We here at the Sithsmonian Institute want to thank our legions of fans for making our first shirt the highest rated shirt of all times in our in-house publication, The Sithsmonian Magazine.

And to reward you for your loyalty, we’d like to give you a sneak preview of next week’s shirt. We were told early that Derby #316’s theme will be absurdism, so this is a preview of the next shirt in our Great Artist Limerick Tee Shirts:

There once was a man named Camus,
Who wrote books that nobody knew.
Then before everyone’s eyes,
He won the big Nobel prize,
And suddenly he became famous.

Don’t forget to vote for that shirt starting next Friday–right after you buy one of this week’s first place winning Van Gogh shirts!

Thank you for your your continued patronage.

–G. Frank Gelée-Vertebrále
Commoner Relations


I wonder which came first: his hatred of merchandising or the billions on Calvin-peeing-on-Ford-logo stickers that you see on Chevy trucks (and Calvin-peeing-on-Chevy-logo stickers that you see on Ford trucks)?


lol, love it. And now I want tacos.


This is just awesome…


super awesome … how can I get it?


But Van Gogh doesn’t rhyme with “dough”? And Camus doesn’t rhyme with “famous?” Or is it somehow thatsthejoke.jpg?


I love it!




It’s too late, Bill has probably already dispatched a Blackhawk full of ninjas to your house already!


This is such a great design!


Hello, I was just wondering why this was rejected for future references. Why Woot can’t run this?


Now that I consider it, if I’m to die, I think Ninjas from Bill Watterson is actually my favorite way to go…

(***What was that noise!?)


I have it on good authority that it loves you too!