Derby entry comments for Derby #316: ACII Art


Too similar?

Pi By Numbers](


They don’t, but I do.


Love this! It looks like Dr. Who week at Shirt.Woot :slight_smile:


Sweet - It’s about time Dilbert got some love here.


First reaction - JoCo!


One of my friends can go on with Pi indefinitely because he has memorized the calculation of Pi. It’s too much for me, though.




This is a Cotton T-shirt. All craftsdwarfship is of the highest quality. On the item is an image of Elephants. The Elephants are screaming. The artwork relates to the siege of the Fortress Boatmurdered.


See if this flies this time.


Got my vote !!!


This is NUTS. My wife suggested this very idea today. Great minds!


Doctor Who AND Hamlet?!? This would be an insta-buy! Here’s hoping!


well cant you tell from the fog that yea they do!! they watch Doctor Who, hitchhikers guide, and office space B^P

also agree all this movie/tv show/pop culture junk is getting very lame and is starting to look like that bird shirt site next door B^( all that stuff totally ruined that site so now there is no good original art just mashed up pop culture junk


The fortress is doomed! Save all dwarves and evacuate now. Hopefully on their journey to a new location they will not cross carp infested waters. :).


Nice design. But I’d love it more if the’re where a butterfly in the sky. Would make the design more asymetrical and more asethetically pleasing. IMO.

Overall, an interesting idea!
I’d buy one! Loved that series.


No mockup? Have to show where the design will print on the tee.


Looks like a few too many colors…


Derby designs are front OR back, unless it’s specified in the rules that you can print on both.


Oh ya!
I had this one up way back in the code derby, but it was tanking so I pulled it.


Thanks! Love yours as well!