Derby entry comments for Derby #317: Pockets PLUS bonus IRL Derby

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Wait till he grows…

Wow! Nice work!

Bring this little guy with you! When you wear your new pocket tee! He even includes his own accessories. (Warning accessories are painted to his face)


That is amazing! Beautiful!

Hey, where you’ve been?

Thank you !

Do you want a real mexican pocket monster?

By the way, when I was a child, I spend a lot of time playing with “Ajolotes” outside of my house, and they are yummy too!

Awesome as usual. I’m a big harantula fan. Nice job!

Excellent idea! +1!

For when you’re already full, but know you’ll want more (and you will).

Visit my family in México :slight_smile:

Who doesn’t love a pocket roo?


A nice shirt to wear when you are gambling, etc. Also, red is a lucky color, so there’s that, too.

Very ambitious approach! I’m definitely a fan!

Looks can be deceiving… :slight_smile: Hope you like him!

COOL omar! :slight_smile:

This poor little mummy is looking for his mummy.