Derby entry comments for Derby #320: Fall

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All brambley.

After The Fall: Messenger /Waiting
Had a story in my head and thought it could work as a shirt/hoodie combo-
Each year, after a season of growth, the old oak tree picks his most beautiful leaf and sends it to his lost love… The messenger, in return for carrying out this task, lives among the oak’s branches-

I love fall, and tree people (and birds), so- Hope you dig it too…
Here are some bigger images-
After the Fall: MESSENGER

After the Fall: Waiting

All dignified like.

And he knows about it!!!


It seems the that while the Goon Docks guys are having a fun as hell autumn outside, the evil guys are awaiting and watching on the inside!

Bigger view here:

The nursery rhyme’s slightly more pleasant alternate version …

Lovely illos, both! Great work oaken’. :^)

This might’ve been cooler if the hoodie had all the leaves on the tree and the shirt was the ‘reveal’…

Flippin’ Sweet!

This is the time of year, while a couple is going for a lovely walk, one of them inevitably says something along the lines of…“I can’t believe you aren’t cold.” This will solve that issue allowing them to both enjoy the walk and tell the world they complete each other.

Ha! +1

My first collab with the very talented Naolito!!!

Thanks amigo! Was an honor collab with you!

Isn’t this week “no text”? Really like the idea, though.

No text this week…

Never Buying a 3D tv again

Dammit!! I read it but totally forgot about it! :S

AWESOME!!! Great points of view

“Fall Colors”

The weather is getting colder, it’s time to break out the fall scarfs.