Derby entry comments for Derby #322: Kawaii

Comments for individual derby entries are placed in this thread.

Dedicated to everyone whose Facebook page is mostly Candy Crush Saga notifications. Have your friends infected you yet? Silly question, of course they have.


This is six colors on asphalt (the orange is a sneaky halftone of yellow and red). Please vote if you like this design!


Can I still keep my man card if some of these entries make me giddy?

It might cheer you up!

An arcade classic with a kawaii twist! The japanese reads “Let’s Eat”

You don’t need those eyes! I’ll travel with you anyway!:smiley:

Just need a little sugar…

Yay jackalopes!


Tiny arms make it tough to drink!

Help those cookies!!!


Apathy is the mehssage!

Collaboration with Ochopika, who eats cute for breakfast and sometimes brunch. I just closed my eyes and had a scone.

“Tiny Pointy Kitty Feet”

Walk across my vital organs I love the pain!

My third entry this week! It’s been a fun day!:smiley:

oh yes.

This theme is way out of my comfort zone. Let’s see how it goes…

Inspired by Pinocchio. This little guy just wants to be a real unicorn…Please, blue fairy?


I’m hoping the rejectionator will see fit to give this effort a pass. Aside from the animal, I made an effort to differentiate this design from that of the famous feline of which it is a parody. There are differences in the bow, eyes, body shape and font. And while the original has “friends” of different animal species, I could not find a fox amongst them.

As a child I had a cute stuffed fox—named “Fuchsie” (German for “Foxy”)—which I enjoyed very much, and that’s one reason I really wanted to do a fox for this derby. That, and the fact that I’ve been finding fox footprints on my driveway a lot recently, and even got to clean up a lovely fox turd there too. I’ve really had fox on the brain.

Thank you for looking!

I fear this may be too violent, but man, how can I not vote for it? GMV!