Derby entry comments for Derby #324: Shirts As Costume III (+ bonus Holiday Card Derby)

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Have you ever wanted to solve crimes in the heart of London with a tiny hedgehog? Now’s your chance! You too can be a “high functioning sociopath” and rid the world of criminal masterminds. Also Dr. Watsonhog will accompany you and be your body guard wherever you go! Just make sure you feed him regularly and keep him dry.

Just in case people are confused, this is Sherlock’s coat and scarf from BBC’s Sherlock series. The hedgehog is John Watson, as many fans of the show say Martin Freeman (actor) resembles a hedgehog. He and his wife actually know about the hedgehog thing, as do the creators of the show ^_^. It’s pretty cute stuff.

Anyhow thanks for your support! If you haven’t watched BBC’s Sherlock, please give it a view, it’s up for free on Netflix! It’s terrific. ^^

Want to be your favorite dog for Halloween? But don’t want to wear a real collar or a heavy suit? Try this on instead!

Love me some minions! Wear this with a pair of jeans and some goggles and you can be one too :slight_smile:

All you need is the crazy hat and creepy two face mask. Costume achieved!

Now accepting new members!

Felt good to hammer this one out.

I don’t think it needs much explaining. You are the robot, weathered, worn, shot at, exposed, but your little hamstery power source keeps you going.

If you consider the fact that this is probably not the first hamster in there, it becomes a little morbid.

Six colors on slate.

Hope you like my shirt costume :slight_smile:

The H42 Transport-- every answer to mice mass transportation. We, and our shirts, are but humble servants to our mice masters.

Nothing says class like a nice banana tie.

…and outside print bounds for woot…

(not that that even is on the same level as theft…)

5 colors on royal blue

Pure awesomeness!

Wow! it looks so…so… awesome!

Love it! Fett FTW!


Skeletor, yey!

It’s good to see you again! Great design!

Be the coolest ninja turtle bobblehead in town!