Derby entry comments for Derby #325: Macabre (+ bonus poster derby!)

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It’s true.

Collaboration with ignorant. Hope you like it.

Very smart!

Nothing unusual here, just a twisted bird dragon thing wearing a plague doctor’s mask saying hi as he perches on a skull. No big deal.

I listened to a lot of Welcome to Night Vale when I made this.

Six colors, asphalt.

Pitchfork totally works. Awesome!

This is really awesome!

Do you know how many books are about series ‘1001 ( ) you must ( ) before you die’? A lot! Even exists ‘1001 golf holes you must play beofre you die’! That’s crazy haha.
This is just a parody about that series…

Hope you like it!

Schrödinger’s cat paradox… underwater. Will it survive? Cats hate water, right?

Inspired by vintage horror movie posters!

Thanks to cdrewlow and no1 for giving me the motivation I needed yesterday to make time to submit a design this week!

No photo was used for this image.

Jack the Ripper had to subdue his victims, so he developed an Elixir to make his chores easier. Try as he might, his marketing for the Elixir was a total flop. As he lay on his death bed, he cursed Jack Daniel for “blatant plagiarism of his label!” But in fact, I just thought this design was a kickass idea that I had to get out of my head…

Awesome and scary and amazing and awesome.

Woot doesn’t print all the way to the collar like this.

I don’t get the pitchfork. That’s a snowman not a scarecrow. The baseball bat from the original version would be alot more effective in killing a snowman and even made me think of that giant dude with a bat from Inglorius Basterds.

A snow shovel as suggested later in the thread would probably be even more fitting. :wink:

Thanks, Marcee!

I need a hug… :frowning:

love love love

I knew there was a reason I always liked mustard better.

HA! +1

Pan’s Labyrinth! Cool!