Derby entry comments for Derby #326: Double-Take Derby 22

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It’s time

Clever and colorful!

The typo in deliciousness was fixed in the final art. :stuck_out_tongue:

A fun idea, Kevlar!

I remember saying “You got this!” last time. Don’t make me a liar, woot voters!

Girls rule.

Fun idea and clever drawing!

Collaboration with Maharbar. :slight_smile:

Collaboration with Ignorant. :slight_smile:

So…How would the tees from this derby print? On just a tee, or with a hoodie, or what?

I hope if any of the “back in back” HM’s make it to the winner’s circle, woot remembers they need to print on the back! :slight_smile:

For all your large wooden badger-building needs.

I love it!

This friendly robot needs a place in your heart-

Don’t you…
Forget about me…

Get it? 'Cause it’s the song…
from the Breakfast Club?

The Dracowolf is on the hunt…

Awesome shirt!!! I’d def wear this !!!

Brings back memories from the iconic beat pack movie!

COME ON, PRINT YOU! Another roleplaying Orabbit design I need from a double-take derby. :wink:

Need this for No Shave November!