Derby entry comments for Derby #328: Food

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Blueberry style.

Collab with fishbiscuit5–thanks!

Whats better for grillin’ than a cheezburger?

Vegetable… fruit… it’s not so black and white.

Carrot cake is packed with veggies!

I prefer my shirts to include a bit of blunt honesty.

I wanted to give this one another chance cause it’s one of my favorite designs! So I remade it! Hope you like it!:smiley:

Obviously inspired by Halloween, but allows you to be devious all year long. Muhahahaha.

Hopefully I’ll have time to work on another version of this. School is dumb, kids. Don’t bother.

BWAHAHAHA! Hilarious, and something only a parent of a young child would think of! Brilliant!

It’s true… everyone loves bacon.

Some people could use a slice!


A spicy pun!

Some sound advice if you ask me!

I love this one. Definite +1.
That said, my cats never show any interest when I eat cheeseburgers. Is something wrong with them?

Here’s the apron view. Enjoy!

Greens make you live longer! :wink:

There is a pie for all occasions.