Derby entry comments for Derby #329: Emojis & Emoticons

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The mysterious Mona Lisa smiley…what does it mean??

Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

This is exactly how it looks like when my boss texts me…

Oh, the “hot plate” comments to come…

hahaha awesome and nice painting!

Here it is! The most POPOOLAR emoji in your phone!XDXD

A collab with my friend Naolito! We hope you like it!:smiley:

A collab with Harantula!

That shark is my favorite emoticon on Facebook. :slight_smile:

Orange… orange…orange…

If you’re not nerdy enough to recognize the reference…



This design stinks, lol.


“Disapproval Cat”

Disapproval Cat, disapproves of everything!

Adventuring makes me extremely emotional.

Eh, I might as well. It’s similar to wirdou’s but I had already finished mine when I saw his.

Don’t make him angry face. You wouldn’t like him when he angry faces.

texhnolyzed in the pre-derby thread said I should try it like this. So thank you…

With a Smile and a Song- :wink:

I was thinking as I looked at this that maybe I should have made my little strip green… (for angry bird styled pigs…)