Derby entry comments for Derby #332: Evolution

Love the details, love the textures, love the idea… Must print!

“Up and at them!”
“At them!”
disgruntled sigh

Sometimes evolution is lame.

Haha! :smiley:

Lovely, would buy for sure!

This reminds me of the beginning of FernGully.

Thanks! And thanks for the tip about moving the light.

And by canned vegetables I meant… undesirable.

(kicking self for not thinking of this) Awesome work, Wirdou.

This is super-fantastic.

I imagine a lot of this style illustration will be done this derby, but this is a design I made a long while ago that I felt fit perfectly with the theme.

Voted, I loved your style so much! Great!

Love it!

The dog truly sells it! +1

Really cool characters, specially the one on the left!

This is great- love the slithering wake pose!


This is really well done.

Thanks, Omar! I’ve been working on my characters.

Some of us take time to evolve and blossom into our final form!