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[/technology joke]

Thanks for taking a look, please vote!

Quoting one of my favorite comics about one of my favorite minds…

I “didn’t have time to do a design this week” so I figured I’d try something typographic… I tweaked this thing for ages, probably working longer on it than anything I did last week. I will never assume that again… Hope you like it!

That moment when you should be getting something done but you’re afraid it won’t come out right so you take a nap instead. Yeah, that’s me.

With this theme, I had to go with a nod to Freud. Poor Beluga has to share the family Monodontidae with the… ahem… better endowed Narwhal.

Gollumcat doesn’t need no Fancy Feast! :slight_smile:

Who needs sleep?

Coffee lovers…

Big fan of the group work!!!

What kind of gamer are you?

That’s great!

Thanks Marcepauff!

Narcissistic personality disorder.
Can you really help it if you’re that awesome!?

So clever!

This started out as a secondary concept for Narcissistic Personality Disorder - but it’s been pointed it out to me that it would also work for Multiple Personality Disorder. :slight_smile:

Larger audience, yay!

It’s hard being an introvert who has befriended an extrovert.

Sometimes you just wanna say, “I love you and all, but please be quiet.”


Impressive work omar!

lol, no really, lol

Looove it :slight_smile: