Derby entry comments for Derby #334: Temple Run

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I hope you like my design this week. Thanks for checking it out.

3 colors on Brown–thanks!

Heres my “cute” version of the monsters / monkeys from the game!

Lightened up some from the WIP I shared.

Back of shirt design

That’s fantastic!

Looking good, Kevlar51!!

A fun jungle scene with lot’s of little game inspired details to discover. Hope you all enjoy!

I put some more detailed images on my blog.

What did you think was behind that scary mask…

Very cute indeed.

Ha! Great idea!

Whoa. Super good.

Needs ACME on the box for a nice Wil E. Coyote ref.

Don’t look. Don’t listen. Don’t talk. JUST RUN! Thanks to everyone in the prederby. Hope you like it!

Tis a Cat.

3 colors on gray

Great idea and execution.

Use these precise directions and BEAT TEMPLE RUN!

Ok… maybe not… But thhanks for your votes anyway!