Derby entry comments for Derby #336: Days Of The Week

Haha. Thanks. I should have found a way to get a taco in there somewhere. :slight_smile:

I stayed away from the Big Band Theory thinking you were going to make one as well.

Sweet. <3

Love the detail on the bottom of his little foot!

It took me a second to see IT hahaha +1

Love it!!!

I just can’t stop thinking about tacos! Must be lunch time. :smiley:

This is perfect!



Little known fact: Monday’s name derives from “Moon day”. Thus, a Moonday kitty! :smiley:

Fun concept, Kevlar 51!

This would have been my day choice too. Nice : )

Awesome text + art design!

Two of my three dogs are named Sterling and Lana. If there was ever a “day-themed” shirt I wanted, it is this one. GMV and good luck!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: D’oh, one more cat entry!

So much to do for a cat nowadays!


GMV for the truth, but hard shell?! Grrrr! It’s not a turtle!

Yay for catshirts!

(… so says this doggie owner. :))

Yay for “if life was like an 8-bit game …”!