Derby entry comments for Derby #336: Days Of The Week

Yeah, good luck defending yourself against your derby entry to catshirts.woot!


Nice idea, though I think both cats are much too close to their copyrighted image to pass …

(Indeed, the licensee of Grumpy Cat has gotten more aggressive in recent months.)

Everyday is caturday!



Yeah… that might be true. I’ll accept the judgement of the all mighty rejectionator.

Very novel! GMV.

lol, I thought of you when I drew it with a hard shell. :smiley:
Thanks for voting for it anyway!

Coffee Monday, Taco Tuesday, Waffle Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday and… FIESTA FRIDAY!!

Sorry Camel, Wednesday is Odin’s Day. And he is taking it back.

Oh and you can see some detail here

This makes me come rainbows.


I love it! But where’s the cat? :wink:

Hardshell’s are tasty! I’m now wishing my BLT was a taco.

I believe you have my stapler shirt…

Every. Single. Monday.

This style is super adorable

I believe that your stapler shirt is down in the basement… I’ll need you to move your desk down there with it.

Thanks! I was hoping it would read ok.