Derby entry comments for Derby #336: Days Of The Week

Thanks! I’m sure including a cat might have elevated it some,lol.

Love the furry effect!

Hope you like my design, I thought of the freedom the weekend offers, it reminded me of a scene from a great movie. Can you tell which one? :slight_smile: Sorry a bit of the image got covered by the shirt, check out the high-res image on my website, along with my other designs! Thanks!

Great typography work!

Very cute!


Nice idea - simple and well done!

Okay, so we have Sunday, bloody Sunday. Blue Monday. Goodbye Ruby Tuesday. It’s Friday, I’m in love. And…Saturday Night’s alright for fighting? Wednesday and Thursday I’m not sure about. Can somebody help me out with those two days?

it’s the cure for the common shirt.

Run little mushroom, run- you’re about to get “capped”


Bonus! If I remain in the Fog I will post my most awesome stir fry recipe!

Just a friendly bonus to those following this thread! If I am voted in the fog and remain there until the winner is announced I will post my most awesome stir fry recipe!


Wednesday Morning 3AM - Simon and Garfunkel
Thursday’s Child - David Bowie (I guess)

I wish I could say that! Cool design!


This is awesome! I love Office Space!

Unlike every other of the multiple “Cat-Doing/Posing-Differently-Every-Day-Of-The-Week” designs, this one actually shows describable “Day”-themed activities. The others are all off-topic. You get my vote because you are actually on-topic. Well done. :wink:

Off-topic much?

Hilarious concept. :slight_smile: