Derby entry comments for Derby #337: The Fifty States

So cute indeed! :smiley:

Some Cryptids of America

Solid illustration man. Love it!

Ouch! My first rejection! I wasn’t 100 percent this would fly, but it was worth a shot.

Very cool, nice color choices!

Love it!

Hah! Alaskan tourist board needs this if it doesn’t win. :slight_smile:

oh that is awesome.


Two of these are morally wrong.

XD this is great man!



The Cryptids represented include:
Sasquatch, Thunderbird, Jackalope. Chupacabra, Wendingo, Wampus Cat, Mothman, and the Jersey Devil

My favorite kind of coke is Pepsi.

Pepsi is garbage. Get that crap outta here.

Aw, so cute! :slight_smile:

Haha, funny and cute! +1 :wink:

This is fantastic! +1

Awesome design, it would also be cool if the State Capitals were in the box somewhere.