Derby entry comments for Derby #339: 8-Bit Adventure

Go! minimal Go!

Not enough characters for “guybrush”

One of my original favorite adventures, in the art style of my childhood- Hope you like it!

that awesome mate!!! good luck!!! +1 !!

I like it alot :slight_smile:

Man, I’m going to fill my drawers with your designs. Love this one!

Great energy and color choices, sir. :^)

A happy one too.

hahaha really excellent!

Sweet pixelling!

Would buy it right now! Awesome job Matt!


Extremely well done, buddy!

I’ll take two please. :slight_smile: Great work, Boots.

I love it so much!

Awesome concept and execution, like always!

I loves me some Highlander. Great design!

Says the guy with a newborn, lol. Nice one buddy!

All your supplies are belong to us.