Derby entry comments for Derby #34: Canada

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Based on a stuffed animal I got on a Girl Scout trip to Dorchester, Canada.

Yooo. For this week, jimiyo and I collaborated on this fine piece of work.
We call it, “FonzEhhh” We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.
Thanks for your comments and your votes. May Canada be with you all.

I really thought this was a fun idea… I hope you enjoy it!

A quickie entry while I work on my other one.

Simple yet effective


A tuque is a canadian knit hat, like the one the moose is wearing.

Withe 11 minerals and vitamins for a healthy lifestyle. Also trace bits of moose

very funny

I like the colors of this one GMV

The teeth are a nice touch…L.O.L.

A white trillium serves as the emblem and official flower of the Canadian province of Ontario. Named for it’s trio of petals and supporting leaves beneath it, the Trillium is a very delicate flower and is protected in a number of US states as well as one certain breed of Trillium is protected in Ontario. Also, a white trillium serves as the emblem on the Franco-Ontarian flag.

I had this exact idea last night. I’m glad to see someone did it

You traced a stuffed animal?

Three animals popular in Canada (moose, bear, goose) doing a dance on a maple leaf. I didn’t want to make a shirt that just screamed “Canadian Tourist shirt!” so I toned down the colors. This is something I’m hoping someone can wear without thinking they are advertising Canada where ever they go. Not that I dislike Canada (not one bit) but I don’t like wearing a giant USA Flag in bold red/white/blue either. If the colors are muted and made into a more stylize form then I tend to wear it.

Cute :slight_smile:

Ok that last thing doesnt work, here’s this…

So many words out there . . not enough shirt space :slight_smile: