Derby entry comments for Derby #34: Canada

hm…the only thing that i suggest is that it say “canadian periodic table” on the shirt, because the only reason i might not buy this is because i feel like i’d have to explain it to everyone. i strongly suggest a periodic table title.

EDIT: and after re-reading the ridiculous argument in fable’s “devil went down to georgia” shirt design from the last derby, and not wanting to sound at ALL like ctravers, i feel the need to add this: i’m only saying this because it wouldn’t make any sense at all [in my opinion]–even abstractly–if i were to wear it in public, and i don’t think it would take away from the design by adding the title [as most periodic tables have], but add to it. but it’s still your option, and you don’t need to. my vote’s still there.

What color would you suggest?

I think your design skills are improving every derby gf12, good job!


Nice site, Cho. Can I request a content update to show your recent talents?

Also, it doesn’t seem to open in firefox, but opens fine in IE. (not sure about other browsers yet, have been using my work machine)

And jimiyo: Awesome website. It will require much browsing time from me!

Those dang americans think they can come up here, with no coat, no snow shoes, and no clue. When it snows a little bit, that’s a few feet. Hosers…

Keep the asphalt. Great design collab, and jimiyo the link you posted with individual pieces is perfect. Absolutely love this.

once again, fablefire is amazing. let’s hope that this one wins, eh? [currently there are too many flowery/leafy designs in the fog…]

[by the way, i showed my boyfriend your last derby design, and he thinks that it should have won, too.]

they say a-boot, not a-boat.

Your skills are improving with each derby :wink:

Thanks! Maybe I’ll collaborate with Cho :stuck_out_tongue:

I always love KA____DOSCOPES. I wish one of them would win!

Meh. Why does GeekFactor always get the 25th place spot? Favoritism!

am i able to vote for myself? :stuck_out_tongue:

Pancakes!! It’s all pancakes!!!

Great! Love the Mountie driving a zamboni. Clever and great rendering.

a science nerd?

best canada shirt so far.

Well, I just had to. Don’t know if it’ll fly, but I wanted to say it.

Adder, I think this is really well done! Simple and clever. GMV already, just thought I’d post some thoughts.

nothing rejectable on the shirt that i see.
the plight of the seal is easy to see and still kid safe.
unlike the evil peta people that attack my kids, this is well done.