Derby entry comments for Derby #342: Historical Figures As Animals

Cathoveen! Want!


Great idea!


Brilliant! +1

Love it! (even if it IS cat-related.) +1

Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. lol!


What a cuttie!

thaaankss :slight_smile:

Reminds me of Her, and that’s awesome!

Want want want!

Tabby or not Tabby- that is the question… Hope you like my oddness-

:wink: I always thought it looked like Shakespeare was wearing one-


This is so gaudy-

Awesome man- Looks grand- and my wife, who feel in love with his architecture when she went to Spain, is gonna squee-

Lot of solid cartooning here- !

-any shirt that makes you hear music when you look at it deserves praise! heh


HA! Great stuff man.

I think Taft is my favorite :slight_smile: